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Download Oracle Client 11G 64 Bit For Windows 2008 R2

Thanks for help, please find below what I did to make SSIS working with Oracle DB.I installed all the below software:Sql Server 2012 64bit Enterprise edition installed fullywindows server 2008 R2 64bitVisual studio 2010 service Pack 1Oracle client 32bitOracle Client 64bitAtunity Oracle driver v2.0Oracle Rac 11g R2I installed all of the above software with Admin privileges and restarted my server and everything worked after that.what I noticed as one of the benefits of SSIS 2010 over SSIS 2008 is that if you are using Oracle OLE DB provider you can configure it to generate the destination table and the generated Table scripts will require very less modifications than the one generated from SSIS 2008 as datatypes are correctly matching the ones identified in Oracle.

Download Oracle Client 11G 64 Bit For Windows 2008 R2

I have installed ODAC 64 bit on local machine and i have oracle client installed on my local machine moreover OraOLEDB.oracle installed on SQL server.After the installation SQL server also rebooted but i am not able to see oracle OLEDB provider under the SSDT_BI tools (SSIS) for OLEDB source.Thanks in advance

Hi,I am trying to load data from oracle 11g to sql database.I am using VS 2010 to develop my SSIS package.I am not able to connect to oracle database. it seems that I am missing OLE DB provider for oracle.Can some one guide me what is the steps to download , install and configure the OLE DB provider for my SSIS package.There are so many sets of instruction you see on internet and difficult to decide which one is most accurate.Thanks in advance.

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Post reply Oracle 32 bit client on 64 SQL Server 2008 Dirt McStain

I finally figured it out! The 11g R1 32 bit client succeeded where the R2 client failed. I cleared out the existing installations, installed the 32 bit 11g R1 Oracle Client followed by the 64 bit 11g R2 Oracle Client. I considered doing R1 for both, but R1 requires a separate ODAC download to get the 64 bit OLE DB driver.

Now i have a hope that 64 bit (Ado.Net) drivers exist for 11g Oracle.. I did an exhaustive search and downloaded all that i found with x64 from the oracle site. If you can leak out your installation procedure and post installation steps it could help me to find where i went wrong.

After some effort (and with help from forum postings) I've succesfully installed SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (x64) Reporting Services and a suitable 64 bit Oracle 11g client on a Windows 2008 (64 bit) server.

I will leave it up to you to secure the software by either download from theirsite or media available via any licensing agreements you may have with Oracle. The important steps are outlined below. You only need the barest install ofthe client. Simply go ahead and select the InstantClient option from the openingdialog form and click Next.

Wonderful article. This has fixed my issue after i install and uninstall oracle 32bit and oracle 64bit clients. I am glad that we don't need the 32bit Oracle client after all (as in other blog indicated). I have apply this to SQL2012 x64 with Oracle 11gr2 x64.

A tip for people who cannot find the Oracle Client Software: dont go to whe Oracle Dowload Pages and look for the software in the list, even worse: the oracle search wont retrieve the downloads either!!! The best bet is to use Google an search for "Oracle 10g Release 2 64-bit client software". Among the search results I find "64-bit Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) for Windows", but they are only offered as "64-bit Oracle 10g Release 2 ODAC for Windows x64".

2. I have tried to download just the client from Oracle and cannot get any thing you showed in your excellent post: That is, I can only obtain, it seems the Oracle DATABASE download for 10g and have no options for a client portion only. Searched quite a bit for the client and not getting there. I do NOT want to install another Database Oracle or otherwise. I also, understand I need to load that Client portion on the MS-SQL server that houses MS's instance I want to link to the Oracle instance.

We are currently facing the problem with building 64 Bit SSIS pacakages(located on DB Server..which is 2003 Server Edition, 64 Bit) with connecting 32 bit oracle(loaded on the App Server..Windows 2003, 32 bit) in Business Intelligent Development Studio(Integration Services) with Sql Server 2005 64 Bit. We have installed 64 bit Oracle client and network tools and drivers on Database Server(DB Server), but we are still unable to connect from to Oracle from the BIDS for making the 64 bit SSIS packages.

The installation and uninstallation of oracle database 11g software is always a tricky task for most of us. If you are planning to re-install any version of oracle software onto your windows system then that Installation will require a freshly formatted operating system to get properly installed otherwise you will end up with several errors which are quite misleading.

In this blog I will show you how to uninstall oracle database 11g from windows 1064 bit version along with the theory which will help you in getting the in-depth knowledge of uninstalling oracle database process. Moreover it will also prepare you for the interview questions & Oracle certification.

There are windows services running in the background which take care of proper working of oracle software on the windows system. These windows services are backed up by windows registries and in order to completely uninstall oracle 11g from your windows 10 we need to get rid of these services attached with your oracle 11g server software. This can only happen when we delete those registries which are providing the background support to these oracle database services.

After deleting this registry next we will delete registries which are responsible for running oracle database services on you windows machine. For that again go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then go to the sub directory SYSTEM and then CurrentControlSet. Inside current control set find the folder Services. And under services directory you will have to find all the registries that I have listed below and delete them.

Now your windows system is clean from oracle database 11g. That is a quick tutorial on how to uninstall oracle database 11g from windows 10 manually. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Please do make sure to share this blog on your social media. 350c69d7ab





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