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Ormie The Pig Hd Video 29 ((TOP))

Wordless videos are a fun and entertaining way to get your students learning and talking. Using wordless videos to teach problem-solving is a great way to keep your students stay engaged all while working on their goals.

Ormie The Pig Hd Video 29

End video by 4:55. Please preview the end of this video prior to showing it to your students. I have decided to end this video by 4:55 minutes to avoid the sad ending for some of my students.

Get your students talking and problem-solving using these super cute wordless animation videos to teach them problem-solving skills. Also, you can use these short videos to teach story retell, sequencing, answering wh-questions, or inferences/predictions. Are your students ready to start solving real-life problems? Be sure to grab the 71+ problem-solving scenarios freebie to get additional problem-solving practice!

Thank you to all of the students who have been logging on to participate in Virtual Physical Education class. We have been learning and having a great time! There are still many students who have yet to show up to any virtual classes. Art, Music and Phy. Ed. are not optional! Students need to be making the effort to show up. Parents, we appreciate all your help in getting your child online during the specialist times. If you do not know when specialist times are for your child, please contact the classroom teacher. If you can't make the times, please have your child go to their classroom teacher's google classroom--click on the classwork tab, scroll down to Art, Music, P.E. or under the "all topics" section click the specials interested in and watch the videos or virtual classes your child missed.

In anticipation of Pig and Cookies, I encourage you to watch this video of Ormie the Pig who so desperately wants a cookie. We promise not to make it so hard for you to get a cookie on Wednesday night!

Good afternoon, Wonder Friend Alyssa! We are glad you're WONDERing at school with us today! We are so lucky to have WONDERful friends who share their very own videos with us... so Wonderopolis doesn't create or animate any videos right now. Thanks for asking, Alyssa! :)

Hey there, Alyssa! We are glad you're WONDERing with us, and we look forward to hearing from you after you view the Wonder video at school! Have a terrific Friday, Wonder Friend! Keep up the great work! :)

Thanks for WONDERing with us today, Alyssa! We are so glad you enjoyed our oink-tastic Wonder! While we LOVE animated videos, we don't always create the videos that are part of the Wonders of the Day! Thanks for being a great Wonder Friend and sharing your suggestion! :)

We love your enthusiasm, Shalize! We bet you have some cool Wonders to share, and perhaps you even seen some videos that would be great for Wonderopolis, too. We'd love it if you would share those with us! You can email us at hello@wonderopolis.org or nominate your own Wonders here: -wonder/. We've already received some emails from you! Thanks! :)

We're so glad that Wonder video made you smile, Logan! We think it's great that you've been WONDERing about other ways Ormie the Pig could have moved the fridge, too! Nice work! We hope you have a WONDERful day! :)

Hi there, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Atkinson's book club! We're glad to know that you're laughing with us! Today's Wonder video, as well as "When Will Pigs Fly" really make us chuckle, too! Thanks for WONDERing with us, and we hope to see you soon! Perhaps you can visit the "Wonder What's Next" section; you can share your guesses with us! :)

Hi there, Michael! Thanks for sharing your comment with us-- we're delighted that you enjoyed Ormie the Pig as much as we have! Thanks for letting us know that you plan to begin your lesson plan with the video-- we think everyone will get a chuckle out of it! :) We look forward to hearing how it went! :)

Hey there Kai, we're glad you're WONDERing with us! We hope you checked out our piggy Wonder video and read about the phrase "when pigs fly"! It was lots of fun to learn something new... and we couldn't stop giggling after watching the video! Have a SUPER day! :)

Hey there Monkey Geek! We're so happy that our Wonder video, featuring Ormie the pig, made you giggle! We think poor Ormie deserves a cookie after all that hard work! We have an entire category dedicated to animal Wonders! Check it out: :)

Alright, we're glad that today's Wonder video put a smile on your face, Tyler J! We think that Ormie the pig is a determined animal, but poor Ormie never tasted his delicious cookies! You did a great job summarizing today's video clip-- nice work, Tyler J! :)

Oh my goodness, our great Wonder Friends in Mrs. Caplin's Class are really on a roll! We LOVED the words you used to describe today's video: funny, spectacular! How appropriate!We think your Wonder books sound like a SUPER way to put your imagination, writing skills and creativity to work! All of you will be Wonder authors by the time you finish! YIPPEE! We can't wait to see you soon... tomorrow's Wonder is going to be STELLAR, just like your guesses! :)

Hey there, Anna! We're glad you're WONDERing with us today! You're right, pigs don't fly in real life, but in today's Wonder video, Ormie the pig sure wishes he could fly! We hope you have a SUPER day... thanks for commenting! :)

YOWZA, our friends in Mrs. Phillips' WONDERful class are hard at work today! We are so impressed with all your creative sentences that include the phrase "when pigs fly"! :DAlso, thank you for sharing the information about the origin of "flying pig" and the half and full marathon that takes place in Cincinnati! How very COOL! Thanks for watching today's Wonder video (twice!) and smiling with us today! We hope you have an oink-tastic day! :)

We agree, Hannah, we think today's Wonder video was fantastic to watch! We can't take credit for creating the video, but we're glad to share Ormie the pig with you! We Wonder if you've ever heard someone respond to a question you asked with "when pigs fly"? :)

Hello Tanner! Today's Wonder video was LOTS of fun-- we're so glad you enjoyed it! Poor Ormie the pig was doing everything he could to get to those cookies! We don't have a part 2 to share with you, but we Wonder if you can do some research of your own about "Ormie Pig" and his WONDERful creators! :)

Hi there, Wonder Friend Johnathan-- we're glad that today's Wonder made you smile! We hope you and some of your friends, classmates or family members will watch our Wonder video again-- we love Ormie the pig! :)

WOW, we're so proud of our Wonder Friends in Mr. Lensman's Class-- you have formed a WONDERful list of questions that might receive the response "When pigs fly!" :)Thanks for sharing your comment with us- we're glad today's video and Wonder made you giggle and smile! We hope our Ormie gets a cookie soon! He tried so hard! :)

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