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So grab a comfy chair, then download & listen here, rate & review us on iTunes or Stitcher, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. The show can also be found on PodBean and Google Play. And you can email us at sbtbreviewed@gmail.com.

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Hi, I eagerly anticipate and then devour each issue. The articles, letters, and reviews are not the typical cookie-cutter-style that all the other clones publish. The movie reviews are a huge influence on our buying and renting. It is wonderful how thorough you are in breaking them down. I also thoroughly enjoy Terry Paullin's column, as well as the upcoming movies. Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks!

(CBS11) - The title of this blog isn't a poll! But in the 20th Century Fox movie from 1953, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, they also like brunettes like Jane Russell, in addition to Marilyn Monroe.

The movie is about two show girls who travel to Paris together but that are the subject to a private eye watching them who has been hired by Monroe's fiancé. Like most musicals of that day, there is some drama in between the comedic lines but does end "happily ever after." The movie also has a song that is performed by Russell in the movie but was also recorded by others during the 1950's.

I initially did it because I thought it would be funny, and a classic example of Ariel overcommitting to the bit, but I found a certain passion for doing this piece. \nBasically, my thought was that this is a good movie trapped inside of a bad one. Fanatics may say it was already perfect. I respectfully disagree. While I think it actually holds a lot of value on some levels, it's messy and incoherent overall. Sure it's fun to watch, but it just felt to me like it was sent back and forth through a google translator too many times. A lot of truly left-field bizarre choices make it the campy cult classic that it is, but also a lot of those choices weigh the film down for newcomers. Especially on a structural level.\nSo beyond the bit of just making the scenes work with a more sinister and engaging tone, I really wanted to do surgery on the structure on the film. Mostly by just cutting out all the stuff that didn't work for me, especially the questionable sexual violence towards the end. \nI wanted to trim the fat and focus on only the most engaging and compelling elements of the story so that it would hold momentum throughout. Although the wheels are always wobbling, I never wanted them to come off. I never wanted the viewer to feel like we were straying too far from the central core of the story.\nBut beyond that, I also wanted to show people how close it was to being widely perceived as a high-art melodrama and how close it was to having an entirely more positive reputation.\nWhile this final product is still quite bizarre, I feel it does bring out the best in this movie and brings it much closer to being respectable, in my very humble and very subjective opinion. \nI feel like I was uniquely suited for the task in that my career in editing began when I first started pulling Lynch scores for home video edits when I was like 13 years old. I remember watching Mulholland Dr. and thinking, how do I do THAT, and spent the next 15 years of my life trying to figure it out. I've put all of these songs through the ringer many times over the years.\nAnyway, this was a fun and a fascinating experiment. The end result feels good to my brain, but I'm very biased because I cut out all the parts that I didn't care for.\nedited by ariel gardner\nfeaturing original music by robby massey rmassey.bandcamp.com\/\nspecial thanks to jake robinson","uploaded_on":"2021-01-12 05:00:50","uploaded_on_relative":"2 years ago","uploaded_on_full":"Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 5:00 AM EST","is_spatial":false,"is_hdr":false,"is_dolby_vision":false,"privacy":"is_public":true,"type":"anybody","description":"Public","duration":"raw":5872,"formatted":"01:37:52","is_liked":false,"is_unavailable":false,"likes_url":"\/499554519\/likes","is_live":false,"unlisted_hash":null},"owner":"id":106398804,"display_name":"Ariel Gardner","has_advanced_stats":true,"is_pro_lapsed":false,"is_paid":true,"badge":null,"portrait":"src":"https:\/\/i.vimeocdn.com\/portrait\/35560183_75x75","src_2x":"https:\/\/i.vimeocdn.com\/portrait\/35560183_150x150","is_mod":false,"url":"\/arielgardner","verified":true,"is_following":false,"is_available_for_hire":true,"ondemand":null,"brand_channel":null,"api_url":"api.vimeo.com","jwt":"eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJleHAiOjE2NzU5MTc4NDAsInVzZXJfaWQiOm51bGwsImFwcF9pZCI6NTg0NzksInNjb3BlcyI6InB1YmxpYyBzdGF0cyIsInRlYW1fdXNlcl9pZCI6bnVsbH0.VzNM6BXtrCdVxT6BaUBEDU7ott2LCZYNSg_girTRlBI","chat":null,"cur_user":null,"status":"state":"ready","copyright_status":"is_blocked":false,"content_block_status":"is_blocked":false,"message":"Video is not rated. Log in to watch.","continuous_play_enabled":false,"allowBypass":false,"requireLogin":true,"possibleOfcomBlock":true,"player":"config_url":"https:\/\/player.vimeo.com\/video\/499554519\/config?autopause=1&byline=0&collections=1&context=Vimeo%5CController%5CClipController.main&default_to_hd=1&h=986e745a2d&outro=nothing&portrait=0&share=1&speed=1&title=0&watch_trailer=0&s=a116722e6c11a1bcfc2fa4deb6d8f0ff1b76bd0b_1675932230","player_url":"player.vimeo.com","dimensions":"height":540,"width":1299,"poster":"url":"https:\/\/i.vimeocdn.com\/video\/1033794301-b1fa6054bba5516e3cc639e42da5174120e4b72bef8e6b92bd20b5e44f7b0d51-d?mw=2000&mh=1080&q=70","share_enabled":true,"send_to_wipster_enabled":false,"thumbnail":"src":"https:\/\/i.vimeocdn.com\/video\/1033794301-b1fa6054bba5516e3cc639e42da5174120e4b72bef8e6b92bd20b5e44f7b0d51-d_190x107","src_2x":"https:\/\/i.vimeocdn.com\/video\/1033794301-b1fa6054bba5516e3cc639e42da5174120e4b72bef8e6b92bd20b5e44f7b0d51-d_380x214","width":190,"height":107,"id":1033794301,"ads":"house_ads_enabled":true,"third_party_ads_enabled":false,"content_rating":"type":"unrated","message":"Not Yet Rated","description":"","content_advertisement_warning":null,"notifications":[],"categories_config":"categories":[],"total_categories":0,"music_track":null,"cc_license":null,"google_app_id":"599168806697-1vailf0v6ai0j09va1hga0krnd0n3tlq.apps.googleusercontent.com","credits":"total_credits":"raw":0,"formatted":"0","displayed_credits":[],"stream":"id":null,"pos":0,"collection_adder":"enabled":true,"recaptcha_site_key":"6LeRCLwSAAAAAOJ1ba_xqd3NBOlV5P_XRWJVEPdw","clip_stats":"enabled":false,"download_config":[],"has_review_modes":false,"data_layer":"clip_id":499554519,"page_path":"\/499554519","creator_id":106398804,"creator_user_type":"plus","video_categories":"","privacy":"anybody","staff_pick":"no","user_id":null,"page_type":"Video","pref_tips":"file_transfer_tour_point":"key":"vstpft","value":false}; // Autoplay test for onsite referrals to clip page (function () $)/.test(window.location.href); var hasOnsiteReferrer = window.vimeo_esi.config.onsite_referrer; // We don't want to autoplay refreshes and history traversals var isNewPage = window.performance.navigation.type === 0; // If we pass all the conditions override player config with new one including autoplay param if (isNewPage && hasOnsiteReferrer && !hasAutoplayParam && !isOwner) window.vimeo.clip_page_config.player = "config_url":"https:\/\/player.vimeo.com\/video\/499554519\/config?autopause=1&autoplay=1&byline=0&collections=1&context=Vimeo%5CController%5CClipController.main&default_to_hd=1&h=986e745a2d&outro=nothing&portrait=0&share=1&speed=1&title=0&watch_trailer=0&s=4bbc00fb164c9b421c57945b88c85b3480c40f78_1675932230","player_url":"player.vimeo.com","dimensions":"height":540,"width":1299,"poster":"url":"https:\/\/i.vimeocdn.com\/video\/1033794301-b1fa6054bba5516e3cc639e42da5174120e4b72bef8e6b92bd20b5e44f7b0d51-d?mw=2000&mh=1080&q=70"; ()); if (typeof window.vimeo === 'undefined' typeof window.vimeo.clips === 'undefined') ; window.vimeo.clips = window.vimeo.clips Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory. 350c69d7ab





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