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About Maskell Growers

Maskell Growers is committed to sustainable crops and sustainable farms and farming. The reality is that water is increasingly becoming an expensive resource to farmers.


Maskell Growers is both a producer of agricultural crops as well as a partner for leading Agricultural vendors (Carbon Neutral AG Sciences and Think Bio) that enhance the health of soil, reduce both the cost and dependency on water and nitrogen fertilizers.  


Our farming operation is based in San Diego County, California, and is a test bed for determining what products and technologies that are best suited to help farmers improve soil health, reduce water consumption and fertilizer dependency. 


To schedule a call with a member of our team, be it in sales or an AG technician (Agronomist), please give us a call at 760-790-4051 or drop me an email at stuart@maskell-growers.com 

Stuart Maskell

Maskell Growers

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