BountiGel FAQ's

What are the expected benefits?

Reduce Water Usage 
Upwards of 25% (based in UC Davis Study)

Increase Crop Yields
As much as 70% by yield
(Based on Avocado field study in Mexico)

Improved Survival Rates of Transplants of Citrus, Avocado, and Olive Trees (upwards of 20%).

Significantly Reduces Heat Stress on all varieties of plants and trees, resulting in higher quality crops and less fruit drop.

Reduces the impact of water salinity on plants and trees (Journal of Experimental Botany).

Application Frequency?

BountiGel'®s Patented Technology is unique not only in its ability to hold 250 times its weight in water, but also its longevity. Unlike competing products BountiGel® is the only HydroGel Solution that can last up to 3 years (trees) before reapplication is needed. Annuals require reapplication during each crop cycle.

Get Started Now?

When trying anything new we totally understand that you'll have questions. We also understand, that you'll want to Trial BountiGel® on a portion of your Farm, Grove, Nursey or Garden . This makes sense, you'll want to compare the treated crop with the untreated crop and experience the difference for yourself.
Call us 760-364-6280 or send an email and we'll setup a call to answer your questions and discuss how we can meet your needs.

Is BountiGel® Safe?

BountiGel® is non-toxic and safe for both soil and food crops. Active Ingredient: 100% potassium polyacrylate (propionic acid, crosslinked potassium salt). BountiGel® has received government approval for agricultural use.

CA Reg. BL-264456 - AZ Reg. 6833 BG-G 03252015

What is BountiGel®?

BountiGel® a non­‐toxic next-generation soil additive called an Aquamer® that allows growers to optimize the usage of water in agricultural soil. Proven on a wide variety of crops and transplants, growers who add BountiGel® to the soil can enjoy improved yields and can reduce water usage. BountiGel® is available in a two forms for different applications.
BountiGel-G® for Avocados, Citrus, Olives, Grapes, etc.
BountiGel-P® is optimized for annual crops like Tomatoes, Strawberries, Lettuce, etc.

What are the cost?

For new Citrus, Avocado, Almond, or Olive Transplants, you are looking at approx. $5.00 per tree. A single application is good for 2-3 years. Established trees require a field technician and specialized equipment which we supply. Cost is $20.00 per tree and a single application is good for 3 years. Annual crops all require specialized equipment and training. For established groves training is available so you can use your own staff to reduce application costs.