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Maskell Growers Awards

TOP AG Companies - 2017 - Carbon Neutral AG Science is making a non-toxic gel-like soil additive that helps seeds get farther on less water. It works by holding extra water near a plant's roots and releasing it as the soil dries out.


Ag cred: a field test from UC Davis found the product provided 30% yield increase for broccoli - using 25% less water.

Chloe Sorvino

Forbes Magazine

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Chloe Sorvino

Forbes Magazine

Carbon Neutral AG Science is one the 28 finalists selected to showcase its products at the Climate Innovation Exchange (CLIX) during Abu Dhabi's Sustainability Week. Carbon Neutral AG Science was selected among more than 300 companies for its innovative crop-enhancing BountiGel® soil amendment that increases agriculture yields while reducing water and other crop inputs.

Cliomate Innovations Exchange

Global AG Finalist


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