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BountiGel - Field Studies

Improving a Plants Survival Rate due to heat events,
broken irrigation lines, or underwatering 

What Is BountiGel

Using patented chemistry, we manufacture BountiGel® an eco-friendly, super-absorbent soil amendment that absorbs up to 150 times its weight in water while maintaining its mechanical strength. BountiGel will repeatedly absorb and release water to the root system, utilizing its unique double cross-linked structure. Due to its superior mechanical strength, BountiGel remains effective for up to three years until it safely biodegrades

Without BountiGel, irrigation can cause soil nutrients and fertilizer to migrate away from the root zone as water moves deeper into the soil.  Crops can become stressed in between irrigations. 

How BountiGel Works

BountiGel is added with traditional equipment, and remains in the root zone, holding water, fertilizer and soil nutrients in place, and keeping the root zone moist in between irrigations.  Extensive testing shows water savings, size and yield increases, and fertilizer savings. 

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