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BountiGel-M® is a powdered product, designed to be mixed with water and/or liquid fertilizer and delivered as a liquid suspension.
BountiGel-M® is a proprietary, new class of technology called an Aquamer®, designed to improve the efficient use of water in soil.
  • Improves Crop Yields - Like all BountiGel® products, it was developed using a proprietary, patented technology that results in an eco-friendly, super-absorbent soil amendment that absorbs up to 150 times its weight in water while maintaining its mechanical strength.

  • Increased Germination & Transplant Survival Rates - BountiGel® will  repeatedly absorb and release water to the root system, utilizing its unique double cross-linked structure. Due to its superior mechanical strength, BountiGel® remains effective for up to three years until it safely biodegrades.

  • Helping your Bottom Line - BountiGel® improves soil moisture holding capacity, which reduces seed and plant stress between irrigation cycles and can improve crop yields and quality with less water utilization and cost.

  • Reduce Water Needs - BountiGel® keeps water in the root zone longer, reducing water needs by up to 25%, depending on the crop.

Image by Josh Wilburne

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