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BountiGel Farm & Grove Applications


For Large Scale Farm Operations, we have an Agronomist that you can talk to at no cost to discuss the most cost-effective manner to apply Bountigel to your specific crop.

Tree Crops

BountiGel is applied to the root zone of established avocado, citrus, almond, and olive groves using specialized equipment.


This is the easiest application process: simply sprinkle 50 grams of BountiGel-P into the soil at the time you plant your transplants. To learn more, please call or email us to schedule a time to talk to an Agronomist or local representative.

Purchase Now

BountiGel-P® is a powdered product, designed to be mixed with water and/or liquid fertilizer and delivered as a liquid suspension.

BountiGel-P® is available in two sizes:

  • A trial size good for testing or for small applications like home gardens and flower beds

  • 10 Kilo (22lbs) bag for large applications, nursery, farm and very large gardens 

Specialty Crops

Looking to maximize of the yield for specialty indoor crops, please schedule a call with our agronomist to learn BountiGel can significantly increase your crop yields.

In the "Learn More" section for each category I want to work with you to create a page/data sheet as to the specific steps to apply bountigel to Annuals, Tree Crops and Transplants. I already have an idea for a data sheet for transplants, having just planted 110 avocado trees, I'll get some content to you in the next few days.

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