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BountiGel - Commercial Uses

BountiGel® is an award winning commercial agricultural soil additive.
BountiGel® is a proprietary, new class of technology called an Aquamer®, designed to improve the efficient use of water and fertilizers in soil.
  • Helping your Bottom Line - BountiGel® will reduce your water costs, improve your crop yields, and depending on the application, you only need to reapply BountiGel® every 3 years. In all, you can see an ROI upwards of 300% over a 3 year period.

  • Reduce Water Usage - BountiGel® keeps water in the root zone longer, reducing waters needs by up to 25%, depending on the crop.

  • Improves Crop Yields - BountiGel® along with maintaining moisture in the root zone, extends the effectiveness of fertilizer, resulting in crop yields that can be as much as 70% higher, compared to untreated crops.

  • Increased Germination & Transplant Survival Rates - No matter the crop, be it Tomato's, Strawberries, or Lettuce, you can expect higher germination rates. As for planting expensive Citrus, Almond, Olive, and Avocado transplants, you can expect a 20% improvement in survival rates.


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